From Delivery to Beginning – My Journey with Flow – Follow my Story


From Delivery to Beginning my Journey with Flow – Follow my Story.

Hi Everyone!
My name is Brigitte and I suffer with anxiety and panic attacks and they frighten me to death.
I cannot begin to tell you for how long I’ve been seaching for a way out; To find a solution to prevent the awful panic attacks I get when I’m stressed out and to stop worrying and over thinking which I know is not the greatest idea in the world.
Forget the past and the trauma they say!
Well, I for one, cannot forget the traumatic experiences of my past.
And when someone and it’s always someone in my life who triggers my anxiety; then panic sets in. You know how easy it is for other people to tell you to move on.

I am a writer and researcher and a good one at that! NOT BOASTING. It’s a fact.

Recently, I read an interesting article about Flow, a device that helps reduce anxiety and depression.
The article explained how the NHS are keen to purchase Flow devices for their patients in England.
I was hooked! I ate the article not read it.
With the important information I gleaned, I felt elated and off I went to do my own research on FLOW.

Imagine a treatment that can reduce anxiety without medication. No chemicals.
Twenty articles later from trusted sources, I knew there and then that I had to try Flow.
I’m not well off. Therefore I did a quick math calculation.

If I purchased Flow, in time, I could cut down on my meds that are (A) filled with chemicals that I know for a fact are not good for anyone).
And (B) With that titbit of knowledge, I realized that I would save money in the long haul.

Much to my daughter’s chagrin, I went ahead and ordered FLOW for my personal use.
I was amazed when the parcel arrived at my door less than two days later.
That was Remarkable! Not even our postal service offers that kind of a service for fast delivery .

Anyway, you must be wondering how I felt before trying Flow.
I won’t lie. (I don’t even know how to)!
I was nervous. My daughter downloaded the app to my mobile phone
(Yes we’re close)!

And she followed the instructions and created an account for me.

I placed my FLOW headphones on and began my first session of treatment.
With my headset switched on, I closed my eyes and felt a tingle.

I’ll let you in on a secret. I found it very easy to understand how Flow works and no doubt some of you may wonder why.
The answer is two fold.
First of all, I studied anatomy and physiology and passed all my exams many light years ago.
In my profession, I worked with electrical machines and therefore the electrodes were similar to ones I’ve used before.

The word saline and the reason why the pads are ready soaked in the solution, was not news to me.

In my time, you couldn’t buy saline! We made it ourselves. But that I will cover in another post.

Meanwhile, here’s what happened. I woke up the following day and guess what!

I sang!
I haven’t hummed a tune in years.

One week has passed, and I feel a difference in my step. I jump out of bed in the morning. I have more energy and yes, I sing.

Next post will be WEEK 2.




Brigitte Pace

GO TO WEEK 2 & I’ll tell you more.

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