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A panic attack gives you no warning. It sneaks upon you when you least expect it and is one of the most frightening experiences in one’s life.
Panic attacks are always triggered by a deep fear, past traumas, a moment of terror in one’s past. These are painful episodes of a painful past or present situation. We are not born with fear.
It is people who give us fear and these could have originated from aggressive behaviour by a parent, a teacher, a carer. A person we least expected to ever fear. Let’s take ANGER as an example. Children are not predisposed to accept anger as a normal emotion. And sensitive children are always right.
Nobody has the right to upset anyone because they have anger isssues.
An angry parent may well cause a child to have panic attacks if they ridicule the child, shout at the innocent child, scream or lose their temper. And I, for one can deeply empathise with these children, adoloscents and adults who have fallen victim to an angry parent who refuse to seek help for their own problems.
Few parents admit that they have anger issues. Their Pride gets in the way. They may be just plain angry, on drugs or drunk. Rather than looking at their own deep flaws they verbally and sometimes physically attack their kids, belittling them and causing emotional scars that these kids will never forget.

Every Traumatic experience leaves us in a state of shock. A trauma occurs when a person actively fall victim to physical, sexual or emotional abuse. That type of trauma will never go away. The horrific experience is always there, at the back of our minds ready to resurface with any trigger. It is a fear that is deeply rooted, it rules and controls us and it is accompanied by feelings of sheer terror.

This the reason why Violence of any kind is unacceptable. Man was not made to become a beast. But sadly, wherever we look, beasts exist and hide behind masks of compassion, love and tenderness.

Brigitte Pace

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