Hi again, it’s me! Brigitte.

Week two using Flow.

My my! I’m not sure how this happened but memories of my childhood reared up. Good memories. Me as a little girl playing a game I loved to play. Memories of places I travelled to and completely forgot the names of with my stress. Like a bulb switch itself on.

My stress has reduced significantly. I don’t just sing. I rhyme my songs and my dogs are giving me the “look.” Since when? That look.
They wag their tails and look adorable while I concentrate on writing and do research.
I’ve even written a eulogy in rhyme on poetry soup expressing my grief since I recently lost a good friend to cancer.

I couldn’t do it when she passed. I was too upset.
Even thought we hadn’t seen one another for years, I was shocked when I heard the news that she had a rare cancer and to make matters worse shortly after we reconnected she passed away.
Recently, I woke up early one morning, and I felt this urge to let my feelings out, and they poured out of me. I poured my heart out on the eulogy I wrote in rhyme on poetry soup.
It seemed the best way to say goodbye.

And it seemed unfair to me that this wonderful woman who so wanted to live and had so much to live for had to die from a rare cancer.
It was cruel.

As you can tell, I am still grieving for her.

I’m doing my best to be practical about life in general.
Life goes on. I can only pray for her soul now.

Doing my best not to dwell and move forward.

Happy weekend!


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